IM Injections

Do you need a boost but don’t have the time for an IV infusion? Many of the same nutrients and medications offered in our infusion packages are available as intramuscular injections. An IM injection only takes a few seconds and can provide long-lasting systemic benefits. It’s the perfect option if you’re on the go. We offer the following IM injections:

Vitamin B12 $25

Increases fat burn and gives you a quick burst of energy, a great choice for pre- or post-workout.

Toradol $25

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that is great for muscle soreness and headaches.

Decadron $25

Steroid medication that works wonders for nausea, decreasing inflammation, and increasing energy.

Vitamin C (high dose) $35

Enjoy improved immune health and collagen strength in addition to free radical elimination.

Vitamin B Complex $45

A combination of B vitamins that provides extra energy, increased fat metabolism, and antioxidant activity. 

Vitamin D $45

Cited as a key factor in osteoporosis treatment, decreasing cancer risk, and preventing numerous other conditions, vitamin D is a critical nutrient to maintain. Use before or after exercise to help increase bone density.

Combine 3 medications for a 10% discount or 5 for 20%.

Recommended Combinations

Energy $79

 Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Decadron

Recovery $69

Toradol, Decadron, High-dose Vitamin C

Anti-aging $109

High-dose Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D





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